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Don’t Just Dream It — Experience It

What if you could get a glimpse of what your child's future could look like? With Envision – the leading provider of career exploration and leadership development programs – you can! At an Envision program, your teen will be immersed in hands-on experiences and simulations that will allow them to test drive a career and gain real-world experience before they enter the real world.

Be Inspired to Aspire

“What an amazing experience! Everything was well organized and well done! This was a trip of a lifetime and my youngest will take this trip as well. I wouldn’t even think twice.”

—Nicole, parent of Washington, D.C. & Colonial Virginia participant

What if you could see where your child’s future will take them? With Envision, you can! Send them on an experience that goes beyond the classroom. Give them the opportunity to test drive their dream career path with Envision’s unique hands-on programs. Experiment in a science lab, defend a court case, learn surgical techniques — whatever their aspirations may be, this is where they can gain real-world experience before actually entering the real world. 

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Hear directly from alumni about what they now know after attending an Envision program. Learn how it has helped inspire them to pursue their passion.

Envision programs are held across the country, providing students with the opportunity to step outside the classroom and experience what their future may hold. This summer, our high school programs will take place in the following locations.

Go Beyond the Classroom

The Envision Experience

Envision is committed to well-rounded, real-world-applicable education. All of our programs are designed by industry experts to help young learners identify their interests and gain the skills they need to make their dreams a reality.

All Envision programs follow a three-tier curricular approach that includes the Academy, Lab, and Arena.


Students are exposed to new skills and concepts through immersive learning and exploration.

Examples include...

  • Hearing from some of the most respected minds in the fields of law and CSI, representing many of the top law firms and schools in the country, at NYLF Law & CSI

  • Getting up close and personal with dissected cadavers in the Stanford University School of Medicine Gross Anatomy Lab at Advanced Emergency Medicine

  • Using the latest game technology, as well as learning directly from serious game gurus and faculty at the Game & Technology Academy, powered by George Mason University


Students build creativity and critical thinking abilities by participating in dynamic hands-on simulations.

Examples include...

  • Performing a realistic surgery with cutting-edge Virtual Reality technology used by medical schools and top clinical research centers around the world at NYLF Advanced Medicine & Health Care

  • Responding as a medical professional to a high-pressure triage simulation in which students must use newfound medical knowledge to triage patients with varied injury levels at NYLF Medicine

  • Participating in a crisis simulation where students assume the roles of top-ranking decision makers, from President to CIA Director, at NYLF National Security


Students have the opportunity to shine among their peers while presenting solutions and competing in a public platform.

Examples include...

  • Taking a Mock Trial case all the way to the courthouse at Intensive Law & Trial

  • Developing and presenting a clean water delivery system that satisfies the most Sustainable Development Goals set forth by the United Nations during the Capstone Impact Challenge

  • Participating in a Global Summit, which has previously been held at the United Nations headquarters, at GYLC

Program Tuition Ranging from $2,195 to $6,395*

Scholarships, payment plans, and fundraising options are available.

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*Tuition costs vary by program. Transportation to and from home and the program location is NOT included in tuition. Students will be responsible for meals not provided, snacks, souvenirs, and other incidentals.

**Notice: Envision has leased or rented facilities from the Johns Hopkins University. However, Envision and any programs operated by Envision are not related to or affiliated with the Johns Hopkins University in any way. Envision is an entirely separate legal entity with no connection to the Johns Hopkins University aside from the temporary use of facilities for the specified program

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NYLF Medicine

Grades 9-11 | 9 Days

Future doctors & health care practitioners will discover their passions through hands-on medical experience. They’ll learn from doctors and participate in an interactive curriculum led by advisors, visit a top medical school, and test their medical knowledge during Clinical Skills Rotations.

NYLF Advanced Medicine & Health Care

Grades 9-11 | 10 days

Spend 10 days on the campus of the renowned Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD where you will explore a variety of specialized medical fields through the program’s exciting, hands-on interactive curriculum, small group activities, and true-to-life medical workshops, such as testing your skills at performing a simulated fracture reduction.

NYLF Engineering

Grades 9-11 | 8 days

Next-generation innovators explore their passions while being exposed to the vast array of engineering professions. Your teen will gain hands-on experience with state-of-the-art technology and apply their engineering skills to construct sustainable solutions to some of the world's most pressing problems, all while staying on the campus of a top-ranked engineering school.

Aerospace & Aviation Academy

Grades 9-12 | 12 days

The Rice University Aerospace & Aviation Academy, Fueled by Envision, offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn from members of Rice’s distinguished faculty and enjoy exclusive access to industry professionals and facilities. Students also gain invaluable hands-on experience in both the aerospace and aviation fields and experience their future, all while staying on the campus of one of the finest academic institutions in the world.

NYLF National Security

Grades 9-12 | 6 days

Students interested in a career in diplomacy, intelligence, or defense will receive an extraordinary opportunity to play a role in making the world a safer place. They’ll meet subject matter experts, discover their path to success, and get into the action in a simulation that will really put their skills to the test.


Grades 9-12 | 6 days

Guilty or innocent? It could be up to your teen. NYLF Law & CSI is an extraordinary opportunity for aspirational students to investigate their future as lawyers or forensic scientists, learn how to analyze evidence on the scene of a crime, and present a case in a criminal trial.